Sunday, November 09, 2008

Outdoor Miner: Slight Return
You may remember that I wrote about cover versions of Wire's "Outdoor Miner" here and here. Well, according to The Decibel
Tolls, there are even more versions of this song than I thought, including this one by neo-shoegazers Experimental Aircraft.

In fact, there's a whole album of the bloody things! I actually wish this kind of thing would happen more often. It's pretty interesting to see the different ways different bands will approach the same song. Probably more interesting than hearing most bands play their own stupid songs, anyway.


Mark E. Rich said...

Wow! That's quite amazing. Unfortunately I only recognize 2 bands there: Lush and FSA. Gotta hear the FSA version. You'll have to let me do an FSA mega post for next years Post Rocktoberfest.

Biggie Samuels said...

You can stream the FSA version in the player at the bottom of my original "Outdoor Miner" post. It's great.

I will cross-post any Main and FSA posts you can come up with, regardless of the month.