Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Acid Folk Remix Project: You're Into It!
There's been a really good response to the announcement of my new Not Me project. More email has come in regarding said project than I've had time to deal with, so apologies to anyone who is yet to receive a reply. Two mixes have already been added to
the DivShare play-list , namely:

Comus - "The Bite (Not Me Remix by Esperik Glare)"


Anne Briggs - "Living by the Water (Not Me Remix by connect_icut)" [Deleted]

Coming very soon, a veritable shit-load of Pentangle-related mixes, including a particularly radical reworking from The Luminaries and some real vintage connect_icut tracks (if I can find the files).

Also, it seems like a good time to mention that contributors can feel free to:

(a) Send rough mixes. The tracks I've posted so far are basically demos. Hopefully, they'll be replaced by finished versions before too very long.

(b) Contribute out-and-out, no-holds-barred cover versions of classic acid folk tracks or original readings of traditional British/Irish tunes.

The sky's the limit, basically. Go acid folk crazy!

Comus - "The Bite (Remix)"

[Note: The DivShare play-list that was originally embedded in the Acid Folk Remix Project posts has been replaced by a series of BooMP3 players.]

[Additional note: If the BooMP3 players don't appear, please click here. Thanks.]

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