Friday, November 14, 2008

The Acid Folk Remix Project: Pentangling
Here is the promised cavalcade of Pentangle remixes. I'd already come up with a rough mix of "Lyke-Wake Dirge" when Jesse Simon - aka The Luminaries - told me about a track he'd done some time ago, based on "Sweet Child".

That, in turn, reminded me of some acid folk-sampling connect_icut tracks created around the time I was working on Moss, one of which was largely based on a Pentangle recording. Amazingly, said tracks were no longer on the ol' hard drive. It was only after considerable digging that I was able to track the Pentangle one down on a CDR titled Last October? Others are still missing.

The upshot of all this is that the following tracks have been added to
the DivShare play-list:

The Pentangle - "Lyke-Wake Dirge (Not Me Remix by connect_icut)"
This is a rough mix. Hopefully, a more polished version will be added to the list at a later date. [Deleted]

The Luminaries - "I Would Not Let You Drown"
Yep, apparently it's entirely based on guitar samples lifted from "Sweet Child", although it retains none of that tune's jauntiness, preferring to opt for a vague, timestretching-enhanced dread. Exxxxxxcellent

connect_icut - "Rue"
Based on The Pentangle's version of "Let No Man Steal Your Thyme". May also include fragments of The Iditarod's version but was created years before I heard
Shelagh McDonald's take. [Deleted]

The Luminaries - "I Would Not Let..."

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