Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Acid Folk Remix Project: More Pentangling? Shirley Some Mistake!
So, I found another one of those acid folk-sampling old connect_icut songs. This one’s called “Cruel” and it probably includes elements of The Pentangle’s “Cruel Sister” along with parts lifted from “The Cruel Mother”, as performed by Shirley Collins. I say “probably” because the definitive facts are lost in the mists of time.

"Cruel" has been added to
the DivShare play-list . Turns out it’s a pretty good choon – kind of a cross between alva noto and The Third Eye Foundation, which makes sense. Goodness knows how it ended up getting left off Moss.

There was another, similar song that I was working on around the same time. It was called “Rake” and it sampled various versions of “Reynardine”. I was scouring my external hard-drive for it just the other night when a baffling technical failure led the ol' Mac to start denying said drive’s very existence. “Rake” may be lost for good, along with a host of other connect_icut rarities.

Luckily, nobody gives a rat’s ass.

connect_icut - "Cruel"

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Anonymous said...

Stick in a bit of Martin Simpson's guitar from 'The Cruel Brother' and you'd have almost the whole family.


Biggie Samuels said...

But no father, right? Surely there were plenty of cruel fathers in ye olden days, so why isn't there a song called "The Cruel Father"? Maybe paternal cruelty was so ubiquitous in merry olde England that it didn't warrant comment.

PS I await your contribution in tremulous anticipation.