Sunday, October 05, 2008

Post-rocktoberfest 2008: Why Post-Rock Failed

It happened during a long, hot summer in the mid '90s (the exact date is lost among the mists of time). England's two biggest post-rock acts - Disco Inferno and Bark Psychosis - went head-to-head, releasing new singles on the same date and directly competing for the coveted number one spot. Nobody really new whether it would be "Second Language" or "Blue" that would top the hit parade that week but we were all pretty sure it would be one or the other.

And then, something incredible happened. An unknown young band from Manchester unleashed a debut single of such raw, elemental power that it rocketed to numero uno, leaving devastation in its wake and effectively ending post-rock's stranglehold on the British pop charts. The band was called Oasis, the song was called "Mr. Wells" and the rest is history.

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