Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Post-rocktoberfest 2008: Perpetual Motion Machines
My current favourite UK post-rock album is Motion Pool by Main. This monumental three-12" set has to stand as one of the few truly innovative post-Loveless guitar albums. It makes perfect sense, then, that Main went on to release a split 12" with Christian Fennesz. More than any other popular musical artist today, Fennesz beautifully exemplifies the original definition of post-rock: "using rock instrumentation for non-rock purposes, using guitars as facilitators of timbres and textures rather than riffs and powerchords."

Well then, this seems like as good a time as any to break the exciting news that Fennesz's long-awaited follow-up to Venice is finally about to arrive. Even more exciting - for me, at least - is the news that Black Sea should be available as a vinyl LP in early November, a full two weeks before the CD is set to arrive. It won't be issued in a triple-12" deluxe edition but you can't ask for everything now, can you?

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