Friday, October 03, 2008

Post-Rocktoberfest 2008: Moonshake - "Second Hand Clothes"
I've spoken before about how much impact this video had on me back in the day.

"Here's the song that got me into post-rock in the first place. One week back in my adolescence, a friend who had satellite TV taped MTV Europe's 'alternative' show for me because The Fall were on it. The show also featured the video for 'Second Hand Clothes', a song which still sounds raw, unearthly and startlingly original.

Yep. It's power remains undiminished, even now. Really worth picking up the 12", if you can find it. All the tracks are great and there's a wicked locked groove at the end of side two - a Jaki Leibezeit-style drum pattern that more than justifies Moonshake's decision to name themselves after a Can song.

At the time, what media coverage the first incarnation of Moonshake gained mostly concentrated on the twin songwriting talents of Dave Callahan and Margaret Fiedler. But what made this EP an instant classic was the devastatingly dry-and-heavy rhythm section of John Frennet and "Mig" (real name Michael Rother, apparently!) That and the sporadic storms of guitar and sampler noise.

I know it's easier not to watch the stupid YouTube videos people embed in their blog posts but I really hope you take a look at this one, out of respect for how totally it blew my tiny teenage mind.


C O said...

Surprisingly awesome.

C O said...

The Wolfgang Press.

Biggie Samuels said...

"Surprisingly awesome."

Right? BTW, you can always find Moonshake in the dollar bin, although it's usually the later, not-so-good albums.

"Also: The Wolfgang Press."

Do you mean The Wolfhounds? Dave Callahan was in The Wolfhounds.