Sunday, October 12, 2008

Post-rocktoberfest 2008: Ian Crause is Alive, Well and Living in Bolivia
Recently got a blomment from Crumbs in the Butter, a delightfully Web 1.0 online magazine which claims to have an upcoming interview with ex-Disco Inferno front-man Ian Crause. The site seems to mainly concentrate on third-wave UKPR bands like Epic 45. I have mixed feelings about such acts but have to admire the way these folks are attempting to keep the flame alive.

And, in any case, the cautious re-emergence of Crause has to be cause for celebration. If you obsessively follow happenings in the comments box of Sit Down Man You're a Bloody Tragedy, you'll know that the great man has made not one, not two but three major public pronouncements recently!

Okay, so my tone may be jokey but there really is reason for joy here. Among the mildly bizarre tidbits of information Crause gives us (he's moved to Bolivia, he's never heard of Fennesz) are hints of great things to come. Or some things to come, at the very least. Crause tells us he's recently started working on music again and that what he has planned is rather ambitious.

This news, along with the triumphant return of My Bloody Valentine, is tantamount to permission for the reinitialization of innovation in rock music. Sure, Ian Crause's previous solo work, while excellent in its own way, was hardly groundbreaking and it's highly unlikely that MBV will ever release any more new material but you have to figure that just having bastions of (relatively) recent rock innovation back on the scene will impact the way guitar-wielding youngsters perceive their collective duty to the future.

Mind you, when Radiohead dropped Kid A, I thought it was going to turn alternative rock into a playground for the avant garde. All it really did was inadvertantly turn Coldplay into megastars. If nothing else, tommorow's indie rock bands will have even fewer excuses for continuing to ignore the fact that they can - and should - do better.

Since the whole Kid A debacle, I hadn't really thought about rock having a "future", as such. But then I saw My Bloody Valentine live and everything changed. More on this soon.

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