Thursday, October 30, 2008

Post-rocktoberfest 2008: 30 Rocktoberfest (Spooky, Scary)
So, there you have it - a whole month's-worth of post-rock posts. Sure, most of the third-party contributions fell through and I never did get around to writing about Papa Sprain but what are y'gonna do?

As somebody recently pointed out to me, if you think about it, Post-rocktoberfest should actually be in November. So maybe I'll find time to do that Papa Sprain post after all. Or maybe I'll write something about post-rap.

I hadn't thought about - or listened to - post-rap for ages, until: (a) I got into a comments box debate about it; (b) I heard a few tracks off the new Restiform Bodies LP - which is shaping to be one of my albums of the year.

We'll see if it makes the cut when I do my end-of-year list in December. Boy, you really do have a lot to look forward to don't ya? All this plus the 30 Rock season premier tonight and Halloween just around the corner.

To get you all psyched-up for the ensuing goodness, I'm providing some relevant streaming media content in the player below. Please enjoy responsibly and try not to get too spooked.

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