Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Post-rocktoberfest: A Call for Contributions
Owen just published a fantastic little post about Disco Inferno and the credit crunch. But couldn't he have waited? After all, Post-rocktoberfest is just 'round the corner and I would've been delighted to have cross-posted his piece during the festivities.

Seriously, though, in the unlikely event that there are some other bloggers out there who would like to write a UK post-rock post for The Blogglebum Cage, I'd be fully, fully into it. Email me! We'll make arrangements.

Alternatively, if anyone has some secret post-rock knowledge or hyperlinks they'd like to share, my eternal gratitude will surely be forthcoming. I'm particularly looking for: (a) information on what ex-members of UK post-rock bands are up to now; (b) live video footage of UK post-rock bands.

Or you could just sit on your lazy arses as usual and do fuck all.
The choice is yours.

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