Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You Like Me!
Extremely heartening review of the new connect_icut LP, by Chris Sharp, in the latest issue of The Wire. Thanks to Scott Mapsadaisical for the scan.

My advice? Renew your subscription to The Wire. Then order They Showed Me the Secret Beaches at one of these fine outlets:

Scratch (Canada)

Scratch (US)

Rough Trade (UK)


crys said...

that is awesome!
And totally on point, i might add.

hey you guys going to be around next weekend?
July 24 - 29???

moving?? up to your eyeballs in boxes??

David said...

Oooooooh, The Wire... Nice! Congratulations.

charlie m. said...

glad the wire reviewed such a worthy release!

I'll of course have a review of it at some point up, maybe when I get back from seeing jandek this weekend I can plow through some of my review pile.