Saturday, July 05, 2008

Strobe Lighting Will be Used During Tonight's Performance
My Bloody Valentine live at the Manchester Apollo on June 29th, 2008:quite simply the most profound musical experience I've ever had. My feelings about this whole affair are still a bit too intense for me to express with mere words. For now, I'll have to fall back on low-fidelity documentary evidence.

The following videos were taken by Krissie, on her humble photo camera. Obviously, clips of this sort could never hope to capture the full grandeur of such a momentous event. Still, we both felt that the recordings turned out pretty well (you can hear the vocals and everything!)

Kris didn't shoot the famous "apocalypse" section of "You Made Me Realise" (which, on this occasion, lasted almost half an hour) for fear that the sheer volume of noise would utterly destroy her camera's little condenser mic. Heck, it utterly destroyed me!

"When You Sleep"

"(When You Wake) You're Still in a Dream"



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charlie m. said...

I dont think Im gonna be able to see them in San Francisco, but I really wish they'd do a full blown US tour.

I get to see Jandek this month though!