Sunday, July 06, 2008

There are some pretty exciting musical artists coming to Vancouver over the next couple of months - and I'm not just referring to the thrilling prospect of connect_icut taking the "stage" at Blim, 8pm sharp this Friday.

First of all, the mighty kode9 will be playing at Richards, Monday night. Sadly, I won't be making it along to this particular show. The ad says "curfew late" and jet-lag currently has me nodding off at about three in the afternoon. This may be the third time that avant-dubstep's undisputed kingpin has played Vancouver and I haven't managed to see him once. Shameful, really.

Second, Japanese post-metal monsters Boris are returning to our fair city. Last time they played here, it was at the monumentally stinky Brickyard. They made it well worth spending a couple of hours glued to that venue's immobilizingly sticky floor. This time they'll be playing at the 50% less stinky-and-sticky Richards on Richards, July 30th.

Finally, there's a Bedroom Community Records double bill of Nico Muhly and Sam Amidon at the Media Club on August 16th. What a prodigiously talented and highly successful contemporary composer like Muhly is doing appearing at a tiny Vancouver rock club with shitty sightlines is a bit of a mystery but let's not look a gift horse in the mouth, eh? This one, at least, should not be missed under any circumstances. Might actually be over the old jet-lag by then.


crys said...

oh man... Boris is playing the day after i leave! What a bummer.....

oh yah- I'm coming! I'll be in Van from July 24th - 29th.

Kuma said...

Horribly shameful, but knowing him, he'll be back. I'm pretty sure they're going to want to try and tour behind the bass poetry of the 2nd albu, whenever they finish it and Steve knows he's welcome.

Not a bad turnout for a monday, some nice dubby techno influenced things, some detours into old grime and garage. Judging from the white labels he passed on, Hyperdub is going to seriously ruin some people in the enxt six months.