Sunday, July 06, 2008

Argh! (Part Twenty-Seven Billion)
Remind me again why I should give a shit about this year's Tour de France. While the string of scandals over the last couple of years may have helped to clean up the sport of cycling in the long run, it's almost certainly claimed some innocent victims along the way (I maintain that Landis and Rasmussen are both 100% innocent... prob'ly).

What's worse, the cull has basically removed all of the most talented and entertaining cyclists from the Tour. And some of my personal favourite characters have been kicked out under utterly ludicrous circumstances.

Animal lover Levi Leipheimer made the disastrous move of joining the [deleted: well-chosen and objectively justifiable pejorative term] Astana team, which was subsequently banned from the race. Worst of all, pretty-boy record collector Tom Boonen just tested positive for non-performance-enhancing cocaine. Come on! The guy has a yellow Lamborghini!!
Obviously, he takes cocaine!!!

[Deleted: Witty and accurate appraisal of remaining race favourites.]

God alone knows what's really going on behind the scenes in the highly-political, big money world of professional cycling. All I know is that it's the loyal fans who lose out. Not sure I'll even bother following the race this year, to be honest.


Anonymous said...

And you don't even mention the fact that last year's winner, the young, dashing and talented (think of him as the Nico Muhly of Le Tour) Alberto Contador, who has never been convicted of any doping offence, can't compete this year due to the Astana ban.

Still, don't lose faith in the event: you are probably the leader in the combined cycling/experimental music blog category (what would that jersey look like?). Allez, allez!

C O said...

I still have it on every night at work anyway. Nice background as I enjoy the aerial shots of the landscape and covet bikes that cost 8 times as much as mine that you could lift up with your pinky.