Saturday, June 07, 2008

Busy busy. I do hope to get at least one substantial blog post done before the holiday but don't count on it. The nearest thing I've done to proper blogging recently has been posting comments on Sit Down Man You're a Bloody Tragedy.

The thread in question has to do with The Fall's "Leckie Trilogy", which I previously wrote about here.
I'm intrigued by Owen's comment about Smith's disdain for Leckie. I assume this is based on comments in the ghost-written MES autobiography Renegade, which just came out in Canada.

I have a copy of Renegade and I've tried to read it but I just found the tone insufferably mundane and - frankly - a bit depressing. Imperial Wax Solvent is really great and all but the time has clearly come to admit that the Mark E Smith who changed my life so profoundly back in '87 is no longer among us.

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owen hatherley said...

It was just something I read in an interview somewhere, I can't remember where - that he found them all rather overproduced. Of course him having disdain for an ex-collaborator is pretty par for the course. I haven't read the ghosted autobio, the extracts in the Guardian were indeed pretty depressing. Very interesting kicking administered to it by Mark K-P in this month's Wire, arguing that nowadays all MES is capable of is the MES persona...oddly, I'd argue it's the reverse, that the persona is by now incredibly boring and predictable, but that the records are not, that now and again he can still throw out something brilliant...albeit nowhere near what he was once capable of.