Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Two Home Videos
According to all the business-to-business marketing newsletters I read, "user generated content" and "online streaming video" are hot hot hot! So, let's get on with it then...

This one was taken On the Black Hill, as in the Bruce Chatwin book. It was shot when Krissie and I were in Herefordshire last summer. The Harsh Noise soundtrack was supplied by the wind blowing against the camera's built-in microphone. Take that Merzbow!

The part of the Black Hill where Krissie shot this is known as "The Cat's Back". My dad claims that he once did this walk accompanied by his outlandishly named mate Joe Cocker and said friend's pet cat.

The whole thing sounds pretty unlikely, I know, but the look on Dad's face when he described Cocker's cat pissing all over the back seat of his car really had the look of authenticity about it.

Talking of cats...

This one features The World's Most Spoiled Cat surveying her domain and enjoying her latest acquisition: The Fortress of Snoflitude! Kris hates it when I post videos of her baby-talking The Sneefler but how am I supposed to resist?

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