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New connect_icut LP July 1st 2008
Here's the draft press release text for the forthcoming connect_icut LP. I've already sent out some test pressings with this draft attached. The actual records have arrived too and I'll start sending out full-art promos as soon as I get the artwork together (the image above is from the CDR promo I was giving out last year).

Mailing vinyl records is hideously expensive, so I'm going to have to limit the number of freebies I send out. I've already had quite a few requests for promos so anyone who wants to review the album should email me ASAP to ask for a copy. I'd also appreciate suggestions of how I can improve the press release text.

connect_icut They Showed Me the Secret Beaches
Released July 1st 2008
CSAF Records
33 1/3 RPM

Side A
1. Hot Logic
2. They Showed Me the Secret Beaches
3. Veronica Mars Season One
4. Fender Bells

Side B
1. Why We Cry
2. Drunk on Sophia
3. Two Greyhounds
4. Cantus in Memoriam Ian Forsyth

All songs written and performed by
Sam Macklin
© 2008 connect_icut. All rights reserved.


Produced by connect_icut
Mastered by Joshua Stevenson

Nothing is wrong! All glitches are intentional!


About the album
They Showed Me the Secret Beaches is the fourth album of experimental electronica from Anglo-Canadian artist Sam Macklin aka connect_icut.

It's by far the most melodic and structured connect_icut album to date – stand-out tracks “Hot Logic” and “Why We Cry” even approximate pop song structures.

Secret Beaches is still overloaded with connect_icut's signature audio chaos – indeed the title track and “Drunk on Sophia” reach new heights of shear sonic delirium.

Don't let the Dionysian frenzy fool you. This is an extremely precise recording, crafted over a period of two years using Cycling 74's Max/MSP programming interface.

As ever, connect_icut music aims to remove the distinctions between instinct and intellect, chaos and order, organic and synthetic, analogue and digital.

Hence the fact that this album of contemporary computer music is offered exclusively as a vinyl LP. (Note, though, that it is not being released in a limited edition.)

Anything but obvious,
Secret Beaches is destined to make you cast aside your prejudices about “laptop” music and submit to its irresistible tidal pull.

Recommended if you like
Oren Ambarchi, Ekkehard Ehlers, Fennesz, Tim Hecker, Oval, Rafael Toral.


Praise for connect_icut
“Macklin likes his computer and he likes pop music, taking pop sensibilities into the computer and vice versa... It would be too easy to say that connect_icut is a mere copy of those he admires as he surely knows how to add his own flavour to the mix.”
Frans de Waard, Bequeen

“Hesitant and tender glitchwork… pitched somewhere between Coil's
Musick to play in the Dark and Fennesz's modernist abstractions.”
Matt Ingram,

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