Saturday, March 29, 2008

Extremely Early connect_icut Review Spotted
Rather amazingly, Frans de Waard of Beequeen has already reviewed They Showed Me the Secret Beaches in his Vital Weekly newsletter. The review, which you can read here is only faintly complimentary. Confusingly, Frans prefers LA, which he regards to be the poppier of the two albums. Seems arse backwards to me but each to his own.

The really startling thing is how quickly this review appeared. Frankly, it's surprising that he's even received the test pressing I sent him. The fact that he's had time not only to listen to it but also to write a review of it frankly beggars belief. Does he listen all the promos he gets sent as soon as they arrive? Makes me tired just thinking about that.

So, has anyone heard the latest Beequeen album (pictured above)? I liked the last one a lot but I'm not sure the new one will be poppy enough for my liking (insert emoticon of your choice). Seriously though, great band, lovely guy, nice to get a mention. Buy the Bequeen CD now, then buy Secret Beaches when it comes out on July 1st.

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