Monday, March 24, 2008

Album of the Year!
Take that Portishead! Okay, I'm mostly kidding because I've only just downloaded it but the forthcoming Fall album Imperial Wax Solvent really does sound great. And this time I mean it! Seriously, it's much better than the last one and very much in the avant garage vein of Fall Heads Roll. Totally bonkers and bit more electronic than any Fall album in some time, Imperial Wax Solvent truly is a (cliche alert!) RETURN TO FORM.

No free MP3 downloads for you! The last thing I need is Mark E Smith on my tail. Still, you've got to love that whole file-sharing deal. As far as I know, there's still no release date for the vinyl of Imperial Wax Solvent but these free peer-to-peer MP3s will tide me over 'til I'm able to pay cash for the proper version (the proper proper version that is - I think the CD comes out the same day as Portishead).

Ah, yes, God bless file-sharing networks. I even managed to find the fabled "long" version of "Glider" by My Bloody Valentine (well it's eight minutes long, which is longer than either of the commercially available versions, I'm pretty sure). But where are the rest of the "lost" Glider tracks? Well, I also found a demo called "Explosive". Not sure when it's from but it ain't bad (though, hardly the Holy Grail). Maybe I'll even post it for you but not until next Valentine's day. And only if you're nice.

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