Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Which Side Are You On?
Please Keep Dancing (which is turning into one of the blogs most worth reading in these post-Woebot times) typically thoughtful on the whole Blackout debacle:

"While I like Tromatic Reflexxions, there is a wide gulf between Mark E. Smith-chopped-vocal catchy and Britney Spears catchy."

Well alright, if we're going to get binary about it, let's say - for the sake of argument - that Blackout is vacant and sensual, while Tromatic is cerebral and brutal. What's interesting is that not everyone comes down on the expected side of this (rather arbitrary) divide. Certainly, I wouldn't have had myself down as a Cerebral Brutalist - not until quite recently, at least.

I'd like to read a detailed compare-and-contrast written by someone who likes both albums equally. Might be illuminating.

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