Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Two Postscripts
1. "Outdoor Miner"
Further to this post, the Flying Saucer Attack article I mentioned was indeed written by the Blissblogger. You can read it here, along with an FSA album review from the same period. Uncanny how closely my original "Outdoor Miner" post mirrors the opinions expressed in this article. Makes you wonder how much of what gets written in this here blog is based on opinions received from Melody Maker articles in the early 90s and stored in the musty depths of my subconscious.

Additionally, here are some more covers of "Outdoor Miner" for your streaming pleasure, including the aforementioned Lush version. The others are by Mary Lou Lord (do I detect the hand of The Bevis Frond here?) and Felt (a rather lo-fi live recording). For the most part, these are of historical interest but one rather suspects it's impossible to do a really bad version of "Outdoor Miner".

2. Not Me

Seems like Wonk, Lim and Esperik Glare are working on Not Me remixes. Additionally, Lim has given me a loop that he constructed from elements of "New Music for Richard Linklater's A Scanner Darkly". You can download it here, if you want to use it in your own remix.

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