Sunday, February 17, 2008

Two New Virtual 12"s
More free music for you to download and remix.

The second Not Me virtual 12" is raw to the core raw like Reservoir Dawgs and will speak to you through a loathsome geometry whose configurations mean insanity. Quite different from anything I've released before, in other words.
Dance music for deaf dogs?

The second Not Me virtual remix 12" features more mixes of tracks from the first virtual 12", this time courtesy of Charlie Martineau aka Esperik Glare. These are among the finest tracks I've heard from Charlie, though their scary beauty is very much representative of his style.

Great stuff but hardly likely to provide me with the breakout "minimal" dancefloor hit I've been craving. Maybe someone will come up with some groovy mixes of the new tracks.
Why is everyone always so abstract?

Not Me Virtual 12" Number Two
Side A: Simple Then
Side B: Heidi

Download the tracks here or stream them in the player below.

Not Me Virtual Remix 12" Number Two
Side A: New Music for A Scanner Darkly (Esperik Glare Remix)
Side B:
My Bitching (Bitchin' Brew Mix by Esperik Glare)

Download here, stream below.

Still available...

Virtual 12" Number One

Virtual Remix 12" Number One


Lim said...

..."The green-eyed bandit can't stand it / more fruiter loops than that Toucan Sam bitch" ;)

Biggie Samuels said...

Well spotted! Okay, what's this one from: "Breakin' in cribs with a crowbar/I wasn't poor I was Po'/I couldn't afford the O.R."?