Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Building a Better Filter
Recently, while checking the analytics for this here blog, I noticed that an old post had attracted a few Google searchers looking for information on how to build a decent Max/MSP filter.

This was a little worrying because - as previously mentioned - I'm hardly the most virtuosic Max programmer. Frankly, the filter demonstrated in that post never sounded particularly great. It only ended up on the blog because - for better or worse - it's a particularly representative example of what I do with Max.

Said filter received a major upgrade recently, so I'm posting some images of the slightly less embarrassing new version. As usual, you can click on these images to see full-size versions.

The basic principles are the same and it's still far from perfect but (a) it sounds a lot better than the old version and (b) it offers far more user-interface flexibility. This is because (a) it now combines its low-pass filter with a band-pass filter and (b) its allows the user greater control over the partially randomized modulation of the cut-off frequency.

You can find out what it actually sounds like when the fifth connect_icut album comes out as a by-donation digital download later this year.

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