Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hot Shoe Daze
I'm currently reading JG Ballard's eco-disaster tale The Burning World. The novel, which is beautiful, understated and oddly prescient, takes place during a global drought that causes the land to dry, crack and turn to dust.

I managed to pick up a rather handsome paperback copy (like the one pictured above) for six bucks, at the ever-reliable ABC Book and Comic Emporium. On close inspection, it appears to be a first edition. I imagine it might be worth at bit more than $6, were it in better condition.

Actually, it was in pretty decent condition when I bought it but as soon as I started to read the thing, it began to fall apart. For some reason, the pages have become absolutely dessicated over the years. Every page I turn cracks at the top and bottom, near the spine, depositing a little pile of dust in my lap. This morning, the cover almost fell clean off. Obviously, this all a bit too perfect. Some might say spookily perfect. I personally prefer to call it annoyingly perfect.

This 1960s pulp-modernist book's auto-destruction somehow reminds me of the way Fennesz corrodes his memories of classic rock into dust-flecked abstract electronica. You may remember Fennesz - he put out an album called Venice about a decade ago and hasn't been heard from since.

Fennesz has been on my mind recently because I noticed that the Google search term "Maische" brings quite a few people to this here blog. At first this confused me but then I realized that Maische were a bunch of Austrian shoegazers from the early 90s, who had a singer/guitarist by the name of Christian Fennesz.

To give my fellow Fennesz fans a little something to tide them over until the great man's next solo album (ha!) and to prove to you all that I haven't totally turned my back on embedded multi-media content, I would like to present a Maische song for your online streaming pleasure.

Not too bad, really. Sounds a bit like Ride, who I bloody loved as a 16-year-old. The song is called "This is Your Birthday". It's the last track from the band's 1992 album Brand. I file-shared it from Solarseek but I think the person I got it from got it from a blog called Zero G Sound.

So, you see, the Internet is good for something after all.

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