Monday, October 08, 2007

Post-rocktoberfest # 3: Insides - Euphoria
Haven't I written about this before? Seems like I must have done but I dare say it bears repeating. This is a fantastic album that really should be more widely heard - if only because it's accessible enough for anyone to get into.

Insides were a boy-girl couple who splintered off from quirky Brighton-based avant rock group Earwhig. Insides seems to have been some sort of attempt to: (a) replace the angularity of Earwhig's sound with something more streamlined and sensual; (b) give the world far too much information about the couple's rather intense sexual relationship.

Like the very excellent Spoonfed Hybrid, Insides were signed to 4AD sub-label Guernica. Also like Spoonfed Hybrid they managed to combine a vaguely new-agey sound (chiming guitars, percolating synth arpeggios...) with an undercurrent of vague menace. The results, on Euphoria, give off a distinct whiff of obsessive sexual jealousy. Seductive stuff but also extremely claustrophobic.

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