Saturday, October 27, 2007

Not sure why I've been blogging so consistently (some might say "obsessively") over the last little while. It may have something to do with the fact that the bloggers I read consistently haven't been posting much recently. Somehow , I've had to fill the BLOGVOID!

I've also been looking a little further afield, going back to blogs I haven't read in months. As a result of this, I've decided to add an "Other Blogs" list to the sidebar here. Said list also features friends' blogs that aren't within the normal remit of this here blog. So, if you're interested in reading about the life of an aspiring Hollywood screenwriter or a highly accomplished user-interface geek, you know where to go.

You might also note that, under the Other Blogs list is a little counter which tells you how many visitors I've had since last Sunday. This little gizmo is linked to a web analytics service that also gives me some info on who's been stopping by and why. Turns out I get about a dozen visitors a day, mainly abstract electronica fans in mainland Europe, looking for free MP3s. And someone who did an AOL search for "Jeff Lynn is crap"!

Anyway, the point I'm getting to here is that the amount of time I've been spending thinking about and writing in this blog is in no way justified by the amount of people who are actually taking the time to read it. As a result, I'm taking a partial vow of blog silence. Basically I plan to blog less.

But I also plan to blog better. One of my big concerns is that my blogging recently has not been as diligent as it may have appeared. Sure, I've been posting a lot but most of it has been low on insight and high on embedded multi-media content. This is the kind of thing that's killing music, frankly - an overload of availability and a complete lack of context. So, my plan is to concentrate on writing less frequent but more substantial posts for the rest of the year.

For those few of you who may actually claim to give a rat's ass, there's still plenty of content in the archive for you to catch up on. To make it a little easier, I've provided a partial index of recent topics, below. Of course, the last time I did this, on the premise that I was going to lay off blogging for a while, I pretty much got right back on the horse. But this time I mean it.

Recent Topics
Computer Music

Philip K. Dick (Can't believe I forgot to write about Time Out of Joint!)
Top Five
Five More Novels

Butterfly Child
Techno Animal
Bark Psychosis


mapsadaisical said...

Quality over quantity? It'll never catch on in this here blogosphere (urrgh, can't believe I just used that word. Maybe I need a break too).

Biggie Samuels said...

No! Everyone else needs to keep posting, so that I have something to read.

Also, Simon Reynolds needs to keep linking to me so that my blog counter keeps ticking steadily upwards.

Biggie Samuels said...

Amusingly - it being Halloween - the blog counter just went up to 666!

Steve said...

Although I appreciate the links, I should inform you that the correct URL is and not

Please fix this accordingly. :)

Biggie Samuels said...

I didn't understand the question and I won't respond to it.

Okay, okay, I changed it.

Aren't you supposed to be on a beach somewhere? Hopefully not trapped in floods.

Christopher O said...

In the meantime: New Fast Automatic Daffodils. Yea or Nay? Rediscovered the "Fishes Eyes" 12" in the archives this week. Phonky.

Biggie Samuels said...

Thanks for asking. Great band. Very underrated, especially the 12" you mention. I also especially liked that "It's Not What You Know" song. Did you ever hear their weird semi-cover of Arthur Russell's "Is it All Over My Face?"?