Saturday, October 20, 2007

Funny: the always reliable Cat and Girl gives us reason to chortle heartily (as already reported by DJ/Rupture).

Not sure Veronica Mars really warranted saving by the end, though. It would be charitable to say that the third season was "patchy" and there is every reason to believe that the fourth would have been total shit.

Anyone else noticed that Veronica (aka Kristen Bell) is now on not one but two rubbish network shows (Heroes and Gossip Girl)? How the mighty have fallen.

Speaking of which... Freaks and Geeks - now there's a show that was ended too soon. F'n'G just got better with every episode of it's one, solitary season. By the end, Apatow, Rogen et al had arrived at one of the most subtle and resonant pieces of comedy-drama ever to make it to the small screen. Such a shame they ended up making unfunny, reactionary horseshit like Knocked Up. Lest we forget...


crys said...

You're so right Sam... but since i can't have anymore
F+G and i wittle through the new morsels that Apatow dishes up for the small quality moments.
Although knocked up was totally crude and loaded with 'frat-boy' humour... it had it's moments...

Well... i think the die-hard f+g fans in travis + I were just so excited the moment that Martin Starr appeared on screen it sustained our pleasure for a good while. (though he totally could have been utilized so much better).

Biggie Samuels said...

I didn't mind the low-brow aspects of Knocked Up so much (I actually quite liked the astoundingly gross and puerile Superbad). I was more put off by the feeling that I was watching some kind of post-modern propaganda film on appropriate gender relations - "dudes are like this, ladies are like this and that's the way it should be".

And as far as I'm concerned, putting the godlike Martin Starr in the film and letting him doing nothing funnier than being stoned an having a beard was adding insult to injury. At least Michael Cera got to do some quality mumbling in Superbad