Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I've Got a Lot on My Plate Part 12 Billion
1. Another thing that'll make it hard to move from our present abode is the bedroom window view - an example of which is provided above (click on it for a closer look).

2. Talking of pictures, Matt Woebot provides some of his trademark big cover scans in this round-up of the promo CDs people have sent him recently. And - guess what - it actually includes a couple of connect_icut promos. If you haven't seen the artwork for the Secret Beaches demos I've been sending out, then you really should take a look.

3. But, of course, what everyone really wants to see is a really cute picture of my cat. Luckily for you, Roxie's website has just been updated. Behold!

4. Taking of pictures of cats, this is a bit of larf, courtesy of Undateable Mixtape. Seriously, though, I've been meaning to do a post about the cat in the last episode of The Sopranos.

5. Talking of mixtapes, I've decided to delay the UK Post-Rock Volume Three mix until after I get back from my holidays because... I've got a lot on my plate!!!

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