Thursday, June 07, 2007

God Bless My Local Record Store
For those of you who've been following this exciting story, The Blogglebum Cage can now confirm that Zulu Records did indeed get the Fennesz Sakamoto CD (Cendre) in stock. It's great stuff too - like that guy from Popol Vuh came back to life and discovered Max/MSP.

Furthermore, whilst at the record store, I discovered that Tim Hecker's much-acclaimed 2006 album Harmony in Ultraviolet just came out on vinyl, in what looks like a very limited edition. Picked that up too. Also fantastic stuff - whereas most post-Fennesz electronica picks up on the great man's bucolic side, Harmony gets its hands dirty in some serious grit and murk.

And just think, if I hadn't been in the store, I never would have found out about it. Kris and I are hoping to get a bigger place some time soon and that could well mean moving far to the south-east of where we are now. While I'm actually pretty keen to get away from the yuppie-infested west side of Vancouver, I have to admit that it'll be sad not to be within walking distance of Canada's finest record store.

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