Saturday, May 05, 2007

How Low Can You Go?
Full details of kode9's forthcoming Vancouver appearance are now available and here they are...

"lighta! + newformsfestival present..
[DUBFORMS3] heavyweight bass echo business featuring..

KODE9 // "the daddy of dubstep", [hyperdub, UK] label owner, fearless producer, solid dj DJ COLLAGE // international raggamuffin mc, soundsystem toaster based out of seattle with dj's, vj's & livePA's.. DAEGA SOUND SYSTEM / JACOB CINO / CALAMALKA / MAX ULIS / MICHAEL RED / CLAUDIA MINERVA / JULIE GENDRON / TUSK // & sound overseen by SIRBASSA

NEWFORMS IN DUB was jumping around, lighters in the air, with a broader spectrum of new bass music. DUBFORMS2 was a bit harder, more focused, raw and stripped down, sweaty good times. DUBFORMS3 will be bringing back more dub flavour, while staying focused on expansions on the dubstep sound. warm & hypnotic. fluid & deep. stream-line visuals and bass vibrations. lightly touched by a proper mc presence. with improved sound (more full-spectrum power, less abrasive on the ears), and proper ventilation. safe and secure location.

saturday, may 26th / open studios - 252 E. 1st ave. / 10pm, $15 @ the door advanced tickets info available @ zulu records, scratch records, & soma for advanced reservations
email: all
reservations void after midnight, door price may raise after 1am dubforms events are usually sold out by midnight, so get there early to ensure entry. /"

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