Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Electronica Obscurities: disko 2k by Ultra Milkmaids
My recent discovery of the Gallic wonder that is Ultra Milkmaids led to quite the vinyl search. Turns out the Milkmaids have put out a lot of a wax-as-I-call-it over the years but most of it is now out of print.

The only piece that still seemed to be available was a 10” on Ant Zen called disko 2k. I ordered it from Soleilmoon, despite some reservations about the asking price and the presence of a Scanner remix on side B.
Good thing I did too because disko 2k turned out to be a real corker.

The asking price was more than justified by the deluxe, calendar style packaging and the Scanner remix actually turned out to be pretty good, in a sub-Autechre kind of way.
The only disappointing thing about getting disko 2k was that it turned out to have nothing to do with the Pulp song (as far as one can hear, anyway).

If the title refers to any other record, it's probably Oval's 94 Diskont. Certainly, this wonderful little EP strongly recalls the dreamier moments of that towering glitch classic.
Endless Summer by Fennesz is another apt point of comparison but Ultra Milkmaids are no mere copyists. Disko 2k is individual, accomplished and downright beautiful enough to stand out in any company.

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