Wednesday, March 14, 2007

For those of you who would love to order a copy of connect_icut's new vinyl LP, LA (An Apology), but feel that your means are somewhat limited, there are two additional options.

1. A few non-full-art promo copies are left and if you intend to review LA for a reputable publication, you may be entitled to one of those. Get in touch, before they're all gone.

2. Alternatively, we could do a trade. If you've released a record or CD of your own and think it might be something that would tickle the fancy of Ye Olde Post-Rock Ombudsman, swapsies may be in order. Doesn't hurt to ask.

Here are a couple of the discs that LA has recently been traded for:

a. Drahomira Song Orchestra - The Couch
Superbly whimsical dark ambience from France. Hmm... apparently playful French post-industrial abstraction is The Blogglebum Cage's new favourite sound (see also: Ultra Milkmaids). So be it. This 220g slab o' wax was released by Brad, who also put out the first connect_icut CD, Moss. The Couch was a very limited edition but there are still a few copies left at Beta-Lactam Ring. Get it. It's good.

b. Flatgrey - XXXXX
Very fancy, one-sided mini album from Vancouver's second most popular harsh noise artist. I was listening to this for half an hour before realizing that it has a locked groove at the end. Brutally hypnotic. This one came courtesy of Josh from rundownsun, who would be only too happy to sell you one, I'm sure.

"Thank you. My means are limited but that's not the reason."

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