Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Okay, okay, I'm back.
How to start? Well, by typing quickly and not proof-reading, of course.

1. LA (An Apology) is out right now and can be bought in person at Zulu in Vancouver and at Cheap Thrills in Montreal. If you want to mail order it directly from me, go to this page on the connect_icut website. The recommended mail order method, though, is from the Canadian distributor Scratch Records, which is selling it to Canadians for $16.50CA and to the rest of the world for $14.99US.

2. The best Tower of Sleep post ever happened recently. Good to see that Baby S is capable of hatin' on a playa, especially when said playa is the Arcade Fire. For what it's worth, I agree with every word.

3. Can't say I'm too excited about all the metal talk going on in the blogsphere right now, particularly as I was trying to get all blogga dem to get with Sunn0))) and Om, like, two years ago (with very little success). I suppose I was still a record store clerk at the time, so it was (in a very literal way) my job to be ahead of the curve, just as it is currently my duty to act all snooty and superior about the whole thing.

Okay, there's one interesting thing about this whole issue for me, which is that I still can't bring myself to come out and say "I like heavy metal". I have the same problem with the prog. Somehow, these terms have a very great symbolic power over me; they cast a spell I can't break. For me "metal" and "prog" are pejorative terms, so if I think something is good, I can't bring myself to admit that it might be classifiable as "metal" or "prog". What's extra weird about this is that I have no problem with equally icky/reviled terms like "new age" or "indie rock". I know it's probably just another of my silly hang-ups but it seems so weird and possibly significant. I can't dope it out, as we used to say in the thirties.

4. How could I not admit to liking indie rock, when I just went to see the reformed Sebadoh play - for the second time, I might add? The reason this time was that Lou and Jason have let crazy Eric Gaffney back into the fold. Sebadoh with Eric is a very different proposition from the Bakesale-on Sebadoh of popular memory. The first three 'Doh albums are whimsically occultish works, nerve-wrackingly emotional documents of early '90s small-town stonerism. They demand your attention and are not to be dismissed lightly. Luckily, Domino Records seems to be in the process of a major re-issue programme.

5. What I'm actually listening to right now is Pop Pressing by a French combo called Ultra Milkmaids. These folks have been toiling away in obscurity since 1993, apparently but this is the first I've heard of them. And what a fantastic discovery it is - rather like a more good-natured guitar-centric farmersmanual. A must have, if you can track a copy down.

6. I got my copy courtesy of Darren "Lim" Milos. In the same package he sent a one-of-a-kind version of his new CDR His Destinys Dub, which is made entirely with samples provided by yours truly as part of the ongoing Not Me project. This represents the first Not Me material to become commercially available and it's fucking great stuff. Therefore, an essential purchase for all human beings. Get it from Lim's website.

7. Talking of Not me, my plan for the next stage of this endeavour is Not Me Presents: The Acid Folk Remix Project. Basically this will involve me and anyone else who wants to join in remix/covering/etc all of the songs from my three volumes of Acid Folk mix CDs.

8. And talking of mix CDs, I have two new mixes to offer all of y'all.

Sam's Mix CD for Spring 2007...

"Fall Sound" The Fall
"Fallen Faces' Mordant Music
"Get Ur Freak On" Satanicpornocultshop
featuring Carl Stone
"Trill" Clipse
"Kilos" Ghostface Killah
"Badman" Roll Deep
"South London Boroughs" Burial
"Midnight Request Line" Skream
"Dem a Bomb We" Ladybug
"The Long List of Girls" The Blow
"Cosmonaut" High Places
"Wetland" Belbury Poly
"Janet" To Bad Catholics
"Get Off the Internet" The Microphones
"This Gun is Not a Gun" Chris T-T
"虹が始まるとき" Boris with Michio Kurihara
"Monkey & Bear"
Joanna Newsom
"Memory Eleven" The Caretaker

...and UnPlug, which turned out to have the same track listing as when I talked about it before. Shoot me an email if you want a copy of either or both of these. Or if you see me out at a show, just ask - I'll probably have some on me.

9. What me? Go out to a show? That isn't Sebadoh? Well, y'see, there are a lot of neat things coming up in Vancouver, right now. Here are a couple of highlights...

Friday, April 6th
Open Studios - 252 E. 1st Ave.
10pm, $15 @ the door

Hi Dozo
David Grove: homemade synthesizers
Lee Hutzulak: electro acoustic guitar
Rough Noble
Jeffrey Allport: modified cassette deck
Robert Pedersen: modified cassette deck
Ken Roux & J.P. Carter
suitcase / electronics & trumpet / electronic
Saturday, March 31
8 PM | $5-$10
@ Blim
197 E17th Ave. (@ Main St.), Vancouver, BC

10. Or maybe I'll just stay home with a good book. See, after that whole MES/C93/PKD riff, I finally got around to reading some Philip K Dick books and I've become more than a little hooked. One thing I'd like to know: was PKD a cat lover? Mark E Smith and David Tibet are both crazy cat people and felines seem to feature rather heavily in Dick's work. Could be significant. Anyone know anything about this?

Okay, that's all for now. I've got to get back to convincing people to buy my record. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to expand upon some of these threads before too very long.


charlie m. said...

Sam, after seeing OM live, I almost never got into them, they were FUCKING terrible opening for current 93, the mix was the main thing i think, the vocals were gurgling and I wanted them to get the hell off the stage so I could see Tibet's streak of madness for an hour...

When people ask if I like metal I say yes, but...I like these bands...and name off a string. Lately I've been listening to a lot of Burzum..for shame on me..

I'm all for covering a folk song, I'd have to look over the list and see what Im famillar with, I might find someone else to vocalize though...

Biggie Samuels said...

Glad you're up for the folk remix thing. Right now, Lim is digging through his mum's record collection, to see if she has a particularly scratchy copy of any of those songs.

Saelan said...

thanks again for the props, mate, though I actually think the arcade fire rant was kind of childish and knee-jerk and definitely not what I'd like to think of as my finest hour.