Friday, March 23, 2007

Listen to Me
If you're in Vancouver on Friday March 23rd, you really should go see Kellarissa (Larissa from thee holee see) and Sinoia Caves (Jeremy from Black Mountain) play at Blim (197 East 17th @ Main, starting at 8pm).

Or, if you want to enjoy some great music without leaving the warm glow of your computer screen, just click over to the connect_icut website, where three MP3s are now posted. Too much like hard work? Okay, I'll post them here as well...

TV Lightwell (from Moss)

Advanced Distortion (from LA...)

Why We Cry (from They Showed Me the Secret Beaches)

Happy now? What's that? You'd like to see a clip from A Scanner Darkly? Sheesh, the things I do to keep you people happy.

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