Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Liked It!
Still so busy working on the whole LA project that I don't really have time for blogging or much else besides. Some more scattered thoughts, then.

1. Personally, I think that Reformation! Post-TLC is a freakin' great album. Ragged and understated, it recalls Room to Live more than anything else. "Insult Song" is an instant classic, to these ears, at least.

2. Was Philip K Dick a cat lover? Apparently, yes but It's hard to find many details beyond that. Does this help?
What a guy! Anyone who can provide more details on this subject will receive my eternal gratitude and maybe a prize, if they're lucky.

3. I've just started trying to fancy up the connect_icut website. The first part of these efforts involved finally posting some music on the site. Consequently, you are now invited to listen to an MP3 of "Advanced Distortion" from the new album.

4. While I'm barely writing anything coherent nowadays, the rest of the gang are producing some of their best material yet. After Saelan's awesome character assassination of the Arcade Fire, Carl hits us with a stupendous essay about The Young Gods. No wonder he hasn't had time to send those Adventures in Stereo albums he promised me (due to my high office, other bloggers are required to send me any UK post-rock obscurities they may have in their possession).

5. The New Electronic Underground just keeps on revealing great artists. Where are these people coming from? Seems that, for the most part, I find out about - and hear - them via Mapadasical. Case in point, Mark Templeton. Never heard of him before but listen to how great this song is.

6. K-Punk mentions Buffy but - shame on him - he's never actually seen the show or, at least, he's never seen "Once More with Feeling". Does this help?


Anonymous said...

apples in stereo cds in the post as of saturday sam! (you have no idea how long ago i promised Woebot a copy of a Juana Molina cd!) *laughs guiltily*

Biggie Samuels said...

Carl? Is that you?

You mean Adventures in Stereo, right? (Laughs nervously).

mark said...

I have seen SOME Buffy, silly... just not that episode... :-)

And jeez, you're easily pleased, blimey! I'm stunned that you're so enthusiastic about the perfunctory Reformation TLC... don't see the Room to Live parallels either...

mark k-p

Biggie Samuels said...

Bloody hell! K-Punk in the comments box - how often does that happen?

Anyway, it's true that I am pretty easily pleased by The Fall. This band's music has been such a huge part of my life for the past (gulp) 20 years that getting the new album is always an inherently pleasurable experience for me.

Still, I really do like this one. It does seem perfunctory in and of itself but it makes perfect sense when perceived within the broader scope of The Fall's history. Every now and then, Smith seems to feel that his output is getting a little too pro and gives us something willfully half-formed and off-hand. Reformation! is just such a thing as, I reckon, was Room to Live. I mean, Country on the Click was great but it did point towards The Fall becoming little more than an on-point garage rock band.

The thing is that you really can't judge what the band is doing now if you haven't slogged through all those patchy mid 90s albums. Of course, K-Punk and Carl probably have listened to those albums, so maybe I am just easily pleased.

The fact remains that seeing the big picture is always important with great art/pop and I think that's something that iPod culture might be leading people to ignore.

So, you can't drop in and out of being a Fall fan and you can't just see some of Buffy. God knows there are enough people out there who've checked out an episode or two and been inspired to write a half-baked academic essay about them. But to really get it you have to subject yourself to the whole thing - even the godforsaken hell of season five.

I'm anticipating an angry response from a season five fan here.

Biggie Samuels said...

The images from this post seem to have temporarily disappeared. Trouble is if I try to put them back in by hand, it'll probably screw up the Youtube player code.

Curse you Blogger!

Biggie Samuels said...

Okay, I think I solved the image problem. Enjoy Philip K Dick's cat.