Thursday, November 16, 2006

Intermission Part Two Reminders.
1. The forthcoming connect_icut vinyl LP is now available for pre-order from here. If all goes well the album will be out at the beginning of March 2007. An extremely limited number of white label promo copies are available now. If you are a published journalist who seriously intends to review the LP, send your contact details to the usual address and I'll see what I can do.

2. If you're in town this weekend, come and hear me play at Blim on Saturday. More details here.


charlie m. said...

I write reviews for these guys on occasion:

not sure if that counts but hey

Samuel said...

Can't make any promises but I do like the design of that site.

I'm kind of relying on you to be one of the few people who will actually buy a copy;)

Samuel said...

Bad news, I'm afraid. All the promos are accounted for by maija playaz. And Brad.

I only kept one for myself.

charlie m. said...

I still would have bought a copy but no prob