Thursday, November 30, 2006

Holy Shit! Part Three: The Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival.
I wish I was going to this. Hell, I wish I was playing. Sadly, I only found out about it yesterday - which doesn't leave enough time to arrange a weekend trip south of the border. Still, I'm giving it my highest possible recommendation. The line-up is a veritable who's-who of the New Electronic Underground: bastien Roux (pictured); Greg Davis; Keith Fullerton Whitman; Chihei Hatakeyama etc. etc. etc. Apparently this is the festival's third year too!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Holy Shit! Part Two.
"Blindness" by The Fall on an SUV commercial???
Holy Shit! Part One.
It's not just a party... it's a rave. Kevin Martin! Apparently these people brought kode9 to Vancouver last year. Who knew?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Intermission Part Two Reminders.
1. The forthcoming connect_icut vinyl LP is now available for pre-order from here. If all goes well the album will be out at the beginning of March 2007. An extremely limited number of white label promo copies are available now. If you are a published journalist who seriously intends to review the LP, send your contact details to the usual address and I'll see what I can do.

2. If you're in town this weekend, come and hear me play at Blim on Saturday. More details here.

Monday, November 13, 2006

There will now be a short break while I work on my Top Ten of the Year post.

In the meantime, keep yourself entertained with
The Impostume's Jeru the Damaja video fest - apparently inspired by the rumour that Scritti are playing "Come Clean" live!

Those of you who were lucky enough to get Pugilistic Linguistics, my hip-hop in the 90s mix CD, will remember that it was named after the very apt first two words in Jeru's "Mental Stamina."

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Okay... Okay...
...As Larry David would say.
I've asked this question before, I know, but: What Is Happening On Veronica Mars?

Let's review the facts. Not the obvious facts... obviously...

1. Last season was all "about" the social problems caused by economic polarization.

2. Figuring that out wouldn't have helped you to solve the mystery. No, no - the culprit's actions were caused by a different type of pathology altogether. I won't get more specific, in case you are yet to experience the joys of Season Two.

3. This season seems to be all "about" - for want of a less brazenly Post-Structuralist term - reterritorialization, specifically in regards to organizations. That is to say, an organization - say a university, a fraternity or a feminist group - might start out with noble, rebellious or subversive intentions but the great abstract force of The System will soon invade its logic and reduce its actions to empty gestures that only serve to reinforce the status quo.

4. Figuring this out won't help you solve the mystery. Presumably. Kris thinks that the Dean's wife (of all people!) dunnit. Don't ask me.

5. I haven't had any Veronica-related hate mail for a while. Apparently, I miss it.