Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Samm Levine!
A somewhat underwhelming Veronica Mars last night BUT:

(i) Samm Levine! What next? Martin Starr?

(ii) I guess I was wrong about the Humourless Feminists. "I'm on your side!" says Veronica, not yet knowing how wrong she is.

A shame but also a reminder of perhaps the most disturbing idea at the heart of this show: that attempting anything
constructive within The System merely contributes to and perpetuates that system.

You're not on their side Veronica. Truly you are The Great Destroyer.


crys said...

we just re-watched Freaks & Geeks... (once again)
it was so hard to watch the last episode that we held off for 2 whole weeks.

thank goodess for Freaks & Geeks.

Samuel said...

Do you have "Undeclared"? It doesn't have the substance of F+G but it sure is funny. Plus Martin Starr is in one of the episodes.