Monday, October 23, 2006

Rats Saw God.
So Kris is in a used book store, selling some unwanted stuff, when a young-adult paperback sitting on the shop's counter catches her eye. Why is that title familiar?

Of course, "Rats Saw God" is an episode title from season two of Veronica Mars. And the author of this paperback? Why, if it isn't Rob Thomas, the creator of a certain TV show about a girl detective with an attitude problem.

Here's a little sample from the book...

I left my post for a few minutes to pick up my sophomore schedule. Upon returning, I was surprised to see a fair-sized crowd of potential dadaists clustered around our booth. Doug was in the process of explaining dadaist doctrine to three girls.

"What's the point?" the shortest of the three said. I was sure I recognized her from somewhere but couldn't place her.

"Exactly!" Doug answered.

All of which rather begs the question: were there books like this when I was a teenager and, if so, why didn't anybody tell me?

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