Thursday, October 19, 2006

Advanced Warning
For those of you who live in Vancouver and love experimental electronica, we are proud to present...

robot army

Sat Nov 18th 2006
@ Blim
#197 – East 17th Ave. (@ Main St.) Vancouver

More details closer to the time. Lots more exciting connect_icut news to be announced in the coming months.


charlie m. said...

I'll pass the info on to a certain brad fellow since Im too far away to attend.

Samuel said...

I'm pretty sure he knows about it but he may be avoiding me since I asked him if he was a member of the Canadian Union of Nerds and Techies. My bad.

Anyway, all being well, there'll be plenty of connect_icut-related merch for you to spend your nightshift $$s on soon.

charlie m. said...

If brad is avoiding you over that I'll help you kick his ass ;). I wouldnt worry he seems to have an OK sense of humor.

He's a spammer for a living now :P

keep me posted on the stuff, Im not sure if my cd's still coming out but I almost have another disc done and that will be self pressed soon if need be.

charlie m. said...

oh and i forgot, last I heard he was in Edmonton.

Samuel said...

Did I mention that Robot Army has been dropped from the bill and that Cowbell (aka Slothmeister Brady) has been added?

I think it's five bucks to get in.