Thursday, July 06, 2006

Stuff I Bought on My Holiday.


Dinosaur L - "24 24 Music"
Arthur Russell mutant disco album from 1981. On "Get Set" it sounds like electric Miles gone gay. Sealed for ten quid and surely a bootleg.

Autopoieses - "La Vie a Noir Transposed" 2LP

Early collab between Ekkehard Ehlers (I'm rocking the "Life with Out Fear" vinyl as I type) with that bloke from Random inc. plus a bunch of remixers including Vladislav Delay. 28 locked grooves for 8 quid.

The Watersons - "Yorkshire Garland" LP
Can't go wrong with classic Watersons. This one's from the pre-Carthy era and gives you all the uncompromising acapella Yorkshire folk joy one would expect. Seven quid from MVE in Notting Hill. Looks like a first edition and it's in great shape.

Burial - s/t CD
Believe the hype on this one. Sounds like :zoviet*france: and Basic Channel getting together to make a UK garage album. Phenomenal but why no vinyl?

Kode 9 - "Forward" 10"
This is the same guy as Burial, right? Particularly impressed by this one because it sounded wrong at both 33 and 45. I'm not all about dubstep but Kode 9 and his Hyperdub imprint impress me a lot.

Kemialliset Ystavat - "Kellari Juniversumi" LP
The one on Beta-Lactam Ring (CD on Fonal). Expensive but I'm pretty sure it's out of print. Came with a free 7". Top notch Finnish free-folktronica band, if you're not hip to them already. This one's freaky and folky.

Current 93/Nurse with Wound - "Bright Yellow Moon" 2LP
I wasn't previously aware of this album. Seems that it's quite recent and deals with a near-death experience. Haven't had a chance to listen to it yet but it's near-mint and only cost 10 quid.

Terror Danjah - "Industry Standard EP" 12"
Classic grimey instrumentals on really nice marbled vinyl (great shape too). Reynolds hipped me to this one, of course.


"The Day Today"
I just couldn't live without it a day longer. It's only available for region 2 so playing it more than once on my DVD player (a.k.a. my Mac) is kind of an issue. Hopefully, someone will come up with a way to bypass the new Mac firmware's region encoding that doesn't void the computer's warantee. A new version of VLC, perhaps? I'm sure the boffins are working on it.


Joe Boyd - "White Bicycles"
A lot more entertaining than Ian Penman's review made it out to be. Boyd is amusing and insightful about everything from The Watersons (see above) to Albert Ayler.

Things I Already Regret Not Buying

Whilst reading the Observer on my flight home, I noticed that there's a new Will Self book in the UK bestsellers list. I'm a big Will fan and can't beleive the existence of "The Book of Dave" (love that title) managed to pass me by completely. Doesn't come out in Canada until October 15th (an easy date to remember because it's also my brother's birthday).

A few records were foolishly left on the shelf too, including Main - "Motion Pool", Anne Briggs - "The Complete Topic Recordings", Pure -"The End of Vinyl" and Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto - "Vrioon". Oh well, maybe next time.

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