Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Blogs of Love and Hate
I was working on a new installment of "Electronica Obscurities" during my lunch-break at work, when the shitty-assed PC I'm forced to use crashed and wiped the whole thing. Save often, people. Anyway, as it may be a while before I can stand to rewrite the whole thing, I'll tide you over with a couple of quotes from other people's blogs.

K-Punk on the Happy Mondays
"The Mondays' transposition of Sly Stone and Krautrock into a Mancunian idiom, their translation of p-funk glossalalia into what Simon called 'dosser speak', was a mystical materialism - but they had to be sold as just ordinary lads, havin' a fookin laff, any weirdness played down, attributed to the pills... (One more way in which drugs, far from undermining the reality principle, tend to shore it up...)"

Woebot on Live 8
"Who gives half a flying fuck about the African presence at Live 8? Musically speaking I was quite glad there was almost no African presence at Live 8, because if there had been it would have compromised the event's utter shiteness. I'd have had to taken the whole thing seriously, rather than just outta hand dismissing it like I did. The first time I saw any footage was this year, and boy was I glad for the 365 day buffer. If I'd been able to watch it on Pluto that'd have been slightly more agreeable."

and the Observer Music Monthly
"World music existing as a "section" in Western music collections? Clearly fatuous and wrong-headed. I don't know if this makes me detest the Observer's relentlessly middle-brow aesthetic or just people in general."

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