Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Couple More Veronica Mars Quotes for You to Chew On
VERONICA VOICEOVER: And someone with the handle Bird Dawg says he scored me? That is wrong both factually and ontologically. There, 300 points. And the hero of the hour? Of course his name is Iceman.

POPE: If you read this morning's paper, then you probably already know that tracking polls indicate there's fifty-seven per cent support for Neptune's incorporation. Question: what's that gonna do to us here?
BEAVER: Ah, an actual police department.
POPE: Mm-hmm.
DICK: Private beaches.
VERONICA: The rich get richer.

Logan takes a breath to quip.

POPE: All right, let's stop there. All those are true, but let's not just focus on the potential upside. Sure we could speculate, but why do so when we already have a model we can study?

Pope moves to the switch by the open door to turn off the lights. As he heads back into the room, his remote at the ready, Hannah passes in the hallway. She pauses and blows Logan a kiss. He catches it, gazes at his fingers and smiles to himself. Veronica stares at him, unimpressed. Logan feels her stare and turns to looks at her.

VERONICA: [mockingly cutesy] Aww.

Logan mimics the "Aww" in a whisper as Pope continues, the screen's opening slide headed "Palo Alto, California."

POPE: Palo Alto, California.

The next slide shows a drawing of an idyllic park.

POPE: In the heart of Silicon Valley.

He continues to click through the slides, graphics of each of the points he makes.

POPE: Home to Stanford University, Hewlett-Packard, and the epicenter of the late nineties technology boom.

As Pope wanders past, Logan, who has rolled his papers into a tight roll, makes as if ramming the roll up Pope's...uh...

POPE: But before the whole dot-com craze began, Palo Alto was a diverse community, not unlike our Neptune.

On the slide behind him are set out median prices for 1970 - Household Income: $35328, Single Family Home: $70,000, 1 acre plot: $7,000 - and some features of Palo Alto such as "Diverse Community" and "Shared Community Resources."

POPE: When they incorporated, they effectively put up a wall between the economic classes. And what resulted after a very short time was an ultra-rich center surrounded by...

Pope clicks the remote at the screen. Figures appear for 1990. There are a series of charts noting drugs rates, crime rate and median home prices, inside and outside the incorporation area.

POPE: ...the crime capital of America. Those who were smart dumped their unincorporated property to suckers before the bottom fell out. Property values in the city skyrocketed while land outside the incorporation became worthless.


JGrimmer said...

You left out the part with Pope telling Logan "We're in a hot tub, take your shorts off, no one will see".

Ok no more I promise.

Samuel said...

Well, I guess the serious point to be made here is that these quotes have been presented without much context (who the characters are etc...)

I guess before reading the quotes you should be aware that:
(i) these are straight quotes right from the show (no it's not "fan fiction")
(ii) the quotes are presented to back up this previous post on the show