Thursday, June 15, 2006

Intermission Part Two.
More stuff about Veronica Mars in the comments box here. Well worth reading to get a dissenting point of view.

Also, in addition to the mix CDs mentioned in the previous post, I now have demo copies of the proposed new connect_icut CD They Showed Me the Secret Beaches. Email me if you want one.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

At the end of this week, I'll be heading off to the UK for a vacation - so I won't be posting for a little while. In the meantime, why not let the music do the talking by asking me to send you a copy of one or both of my new mix CDs. Track listings below.

I also have a few copies of these old mixes left.

Sam's Mix CD for Summer 2006.
The Fall - "Assume"

Espers - "Cruel Strom"
Current 93 - "idumaea"
Legendary Pink Dots - "Feathers at Dawn"
Scott Walker - "A Lover Loves"
Kate Bush - "King of the Mountain"
AFX - "Klopjob"
Wiley - "Icepole (Remix)"
Trim - "Bastard"
Razor X Productions - "I Don't Know"
Rhythm and Sound - "Never Tell You"
Giuseppe Ielasi - untitled
Greg Davis - "Swell (Brisbane Reversion)"
Keith Fullerton Whitman - "2nd Early Monolith"
And some extracts from the TV show "Home Movies"

The Fall - "New Face in Hell (Session Version)"
The Blue Orchids - "Disney Boys"
Wire - "Map Ref 41N 83W"
Swell Maps - "Full Moon in My Pocket"
Pere Ubu - "Non-Alignment Pact"
The Pop Group - "Thief of Fire"
PIL - "Swan Lake"
Scritti Politti - "Skank Bloc Bologna"
The Raincoats - "Only Loved at Night"
The Slits - "Typical Girls"
Liliput - "You Did It"
Young Marble Giants - "Final Day"
ESG - "Erase You"
Liquid Liquid - "Cavern"
23 Skidoo - "FUGI"
This Heat - "Sleep"

Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Couple More Veronica Mars Quotes for You to Chew On
VERONICA VOICEOVER: And someone with the handle Bird Dawg says he scored me? That is wrong both factually and ontologically. There, 300 points. And the hero of the hour? Of course his name is Iceman.

POPE: If you read this morning's paper, then you probably already know that tracking polls indicate there's fifty-seven per cent support for Neptune's incorporation. Question: what's that gonna do to us here?
BEAVER: Ah, an actual police department.
POPE: Mm-hmm.
DICK: Private beaches.
VERONICA: The rich get richer.

Logan takes a breath to quip.

POPE: All right, let's stop there. All those are true, but let's not just focus on the potential upside. Sure we could speculate, but why do so when we already have a model we can study?

Pope moves to the switch by the open door to turn off the lights. As he heads back into the room, his remote at the ready, Hannah passes in the hallway. She pauses and blows Logan a kiss. He catches it, gazes at his fingers and smiles to himself. Veronica stares at him, unimpressed. Logan feels her stare and turns to looks at her.

VERONICA: [mockingly cutesy] Aww.

Logan mimics the "Aww" in a whisper as Pope continues, the screen's opening slide headed "Palo Alto, California."

POPE: Palo Alto, California.

The next slide shows a drawing of an idyllic park.

POPE: In the heart of Silicon Valley.

He continues to click through the slides, graphics of each of the points he makes.

POPE: Home to Stanford University, Hewlett-Packard, and the epicenter of the late nineties technology boom.

As Pope wanders past, Logan, who has rolled his papers into a tight roll, makes as if ramming the roll up Pope's...uh...

POPE: But before the whole dot-com craze began, Palo Alto was a diverse community, not unlike our Neptune.

On the slide behind him are set out median prices for 1970 - Household Income: $35328, Single Family Home: $70,000, 1 acre plot: $7,000 - and some features of Palo Alto such as "Diverse Community" and "Shared Community Resources."

POPE: When they incorporated, they effectively put up a wall between the economic classes. And what resulted after a very short time was an ultra-rich center surrounded by...

Pope clicks the remote at the screen. Figures appear for 1990. There are a series of charts noting drugs rates, crime rate and median home prices, inside and outside the incorporation area.

POPE: ...the crime capital of America. Those who were smart dumped their unincorporated property to suckers before the bottom fell out. Property values in the city skyrocketed while land outside the incorporation became worthless.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Some Fairly Random Quotes from "Veronica Mars"

VERONICA VOICEOVER: This is my school. If you go here, your parents are either millionaires or your parents work for millionaires. Neptune, California, a town without a middle class. If you’re in the second group, you get a job; fast food, movie theatres, mini-marts. Or you could be me. My after-school job means tailing philandering spouses or investigating false injury claims.

VERONICA: Something wrong, Corny?
CORNY: Yeah, I came to get something out of my locker but I can't remember what it was. Mmrraa. [Turning to Veronica] Hey I was thinking of busting out of here. Maybe go to
White Castle. Wanna come with?
VERONICA: There's no
White Castle in Neptune.
CORNY: It's kind of an expression.

VERONICA: One of your campaign staff?
WANDA: I'm all about grass roots.
VERONICA: How do you account for your sudden popularity?
WANDA: Isn't it obvious? It's class warfare, the haves versus the have-nots. You more than anyone at school should understand that.
VERONICA: But it's more quotable if you say it out loud.
WANDA: Okay. The rich kids, they run things around here. They're the minority and they're corrupt. They get away with murder.

KEITH: The election's over, Woody. You sold your vision.
WOODY: [enthusiastically] I promised a cleaner, safer
Neptune. Want to know how I'm gonna get there? Incorporation. Turn our little county seat into a full-fledged city. Santa Barbara, Carmel, La Jolla, they all did it. Upped their tax base, turned that revenue into antique streetlamps, cobblestone streets, increased sanitation. I defy you to find graffiti in Carmel, Keith. It cannot be done. Here...
KEITH: What boundaries are we talking about?
WOODY: South to the marina, north to the airfield, east to the reservoir.

Keith grins.

KEITH: That's not a town, Woody, that's a...that's a country club.
WOODY: You're exaggerating. Nine thousand people would reside in the city of
Neptune. They'd need a chief of police. County would still have Lamb, twice the police protection, everybody wins.
KEITH: I wouldn't even be able afford to live in the town that I was protecting and serving.
WOODY: We'd make it worth your while.