Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Best Band Ever.
K-Punk talks a great deal of truth about The Fall. Interestingly, he discovered the band immediately after they completed what he considers to be a trilogy of their best work (Grotesque, Slates and Hex). I had exactly the same experience but four years later. I consider the three albums (Wonderful and Frightening, This Nation's Saving Grace and Bend Sinister) Smith and co. recorded with John Leckie to be not only the band's best work but the most important series of work in rock history. And I am not even partly joking.

Makes me realise that in 19 years of rabid Fall fandom, I have never written anything substantial about the band. Hopefully I can redress this soon with an extended piece on the Leckie trilogy.

Can't wait to read part two, K-Punk.

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