Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Razor X Productions.
This is what's doing in for me right now. It's a collaboration between UK post-rock veteran Kevin Martin (God, Techno Animal, The Bug...), digi-dub producer The Rootsman and a whole schwack of stellar reggae/dancehall vocalists (Daddy Freddy, Wayne Lonesome...)

As you might expect from K Mart, this is an intensely intense recording featuring (among other things): crunching raggatronic riddims; huge blasts of digital noise; horrifically time-stretched vocalizations; oppressively compressed dubwise mixes. Somehow,among all this chaos, Razor X leave enough empty space to make the whole thing not just bearable but extremely compelling. Although every song here has a literally awesome initial impact, it's when you start to listen in to the mix that things really start taking off.

Apparently, Kevin Martin is planning to do something with the Ghostface of Grime himself -TRIM. I can't wait to hear what they throw up.


Brady said...

Damn. Bring it on.

Kuma said...

Me thinks you need to listen to the Pressure single of Hyperdub if you've not already. k.mart on grime-esquetip with Warrior Queen. Just silly in its wonder.

Samuel said...

There's a Warrior Queen song on the Razor X LP called "Killer Queen". Is that the one you mean? I heard that K. Mart was starting a label called Ladybug, to release 7"s of collab's with female vocalists (seems a bit like cutting in line in front of Nurse with Wound, I guess). I'm actually slightly shocked it's taken him so long to get grimey, zeitgeist surfer that he is.

Samuel said...

Oh no, I guess you mean this...

Title: Money Honey
Format: 12"
Catalog #: HDB 002EP
Repress, on this highly in-demand label. Only available for a few seconds... "This is the second 12" release on Kode9's Hyperdub label, and marks the label debut of the mighty Warrior Queen who, as on her releases with the Bug ('Aktion Pack') and Sunship ('Almighty Father'), is takin' no shit from anyone. This release features the second fresh producer, after Burial, to be blooded by the label. Pressure is also known as the Bug (Rephlex etc.) aka Kevin Martin. Pressure's mixes here present two unique takes on the diversifying grime/dubstep sound. The original mix comes more with a intensely bass heavy, dirty, disjointed feel, and it's not clear whether you're supposed to be jumping around or leaning into the bassbin in a dub coma -- work it out for yourself. The equally ambiguous Pressure remix on the flip rolls with a dubbed-out, accelerated skank. With either mix, this release is an unexpected twist in the Hyperdub saga. Let your batty decide."