Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Birdies Is (or Electronica Obscurities #2).
Well, spring is well-and-truly sprung in Vancouver and
all of Saelan's friends on Live Journal are posting pictures of cherry blossom. (Oddly, the cherry blossom at my house had come and gone by the time the good weather arrived).

Yesterday was spent listening to vinyl, hanging with
The Sneefler and playing Sega Master System "Gauntlet". Among the Wax-As-I-Call-It was "Pop" by Gas. Great album and way ahead of the electronical game in it's use of nature photography on the cover.

Watching the newly-green trees swaying in the spring breeze, I was struck by how well these images represented the music: by using repetition and processing, "natural" (i.e. conventionally musical) sounds are subjected to a close scrutiny that reveals their essentially abstract nature.

Doesn't that guy run Kompakt now?

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