Thursday, March 02, 2006

And, of course...
...I'm sure you all love THIS by now.


b.a. said...

Hey, look, now that I'm almost a doctoral student, I started a "serious" blog. It's not serious yet. But it will be eventually!

Samuel said...

Note the Scarf. Now there's a potential Countless Jibes member if ever I saw one! Talking of which...

b.a. said...

When that picture was taken I was:

- outdoors
- in the winter
- waiting for the bus to go see FIREFLY at METROPOLIS METROTOWN

I was not:

- indoors
- smoking
- listening to Neil Young

Samuel said...

I totally listen to Neil Young! Whilst wearing a scarf! Indoors!

Also, wasn't Firefly that Joss Whedon movie? if so, you rule.