Thursday, February 23, 2006

That's Not Cool, Man.
A little context is important here, I think. For instance, aging music writers might be surprised by my suggestion that Kate Bush is "uncool" and American college jocks might feel the same way about Ween. So what gives?

When I use the word "cool" here, what I'm really saying is "acceptable" to Vancouver hipsters. It's impossible for me to avoid these people (I even like a lot of them) and they're very concerned with the issue of what is/isn't cool/acceptable, so it kinda rubs off on me.

Of course, the coolest thing these people can imagine right now is Pride Tiger, a possibly-unironic local shitrock band. So, of course, it's all relative. But if you find yourself cringing when you tell X Person that you like Y Musical Act, then Y Musical Act is probably truly uncool, at least in the mind of X Person.


Anonymous said...

oh, get over it....

crys said...

It all seems like a bunch of nonsense to me...
I mean, aren't we grown-ups? I think i've accepted by now that i am NOT cool. Maybe a select group of weirdos (like me) may think i am, but there are plenty of younger folks who probably look down their noses at me. And to be honest, the people i admire are individuals who have alot more going on than being cool (or being concerned about what is or isn't).

Point being, it's all soooo subjective. Sam i think you are a big geek and i love you for it.

AND to finish... i lost my virginity to select tracks off of Pure Guava... mwahahhhahah
i just thought i'd end with something to make you uncomfortable.

Samuel said...

Dear anonymous:

No, I won't because, regardless of my personal bitterness, this is a significant issue re: music.

Dear Crys:

"Pure Guava" is many things by Highly Erotic is not one of them. Although, I suspect that a lot of people find losing their virginity to be a distinctly non-erotic experience. Hmmm... perhaps's it's a more appropriate deflowering soundtrack than I thought. Keyword: creepy.

Anonymous said...

Who counts as a hipster again? Do you have to be a member of the countless jibes, or is there some other selection criteria now?

- barbara

Samuel said...

Do they still wear Castro hats? I can't keep up.

Anonymous said...

This is a teenager's blog, right? Otherwise there can be no excuse.
Trying to define what a 'hipster' is?
People actually weighing in on the subject to desperately prove they're 'different'?
Take it easy on yourselves.

Samuel said...

Flame on, dude!

Who ARE you?

I'm 32, by-the-by.