Sunday, February 05, 2006

I wanted to use this, the 100th post on my blog, to list my 100 favourite albums of all time, so goaded was I by Woebot in the pre-amble to his. After much consideration, I decided that, even if I agreed with a word he said, I still couldn't do it. One of the main snags I hit was that the list would have to include quite a few albums that I was embarrassed to admit to liking - albums that are important to me personally but often seem shameful in the context of the outside world, for one reason or another. Then I decided that THESE were precisely the albums that I should be hipping y'all to.

Here's a random selection...

The Boo Radleys - "Giant Steps"
Kate Bush - "The Hounds of Love"
Happy Monday - "Squirrel, G-Man and the 24 Hour Party People..."
Sebadoh - "Sebadoh III"
Ween - "Pure Guava"


And so the list goes on. I can't keep it all straight in my head. I can't even make it seem cool. I certainly can't pretend that it's universal or forever.


crys said...

That's as bad as it gets??? Come on now... I've been nursing this idea for a BLOG that would involve disclosing all of the records that i possess, including all of the guilty pleasures and just plain embarrassing stuff.
I'm still procrastinating on it, so i feel for you.
But maybe it's the kind of purge that we need! A purge and cleanse?

I wonder though if any of the embarrassing stuff would actually end up on my top 100 list... hmm....

Anonymous said...

I JUST heard hounds of love for the first time and it is TOTALLY DOPE.

- barbara